The Institute integrates international superior scientific research strengths and resources, and rapidly promotes the construction of scientific research teams and the introduction of talents. Through the combination of introduction and cultivation, an interdisciplinary innovative research team with top international strategic scientists and innovative technical experts as leaders and outstanding young talents as the main body has been formed. Currently, the Institute has nearly 30 full-time R&D staff, with more than 80% of them having PhD or master's degree.


Team Induction:

Hong Ping, Founder of Centree Bio-tech Co., Ltd.,  Expert of Famous animal nutrition

Yang Hongjun,  Director  Expert of Animal Nutrition and Feed Additives

Zhao Junlong, Professor, Professor of Huazhong Agricultural University, Ph. D Supervisor

Wu Xin, Professor, Researcher in Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Cheng Zongjia, Professor, Ph.D., Kansas State University, USA

Gu Wanting, Ph.D., Institute of Subtropical Agricultural Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Formulation Specialist

Yifen Hong, PhD, University of Kentucky, USA, Sow nutrition expert

Li Junbo, PhD, China Agricultural University, China Swine nutrition expert

Wang Cheng, PhD, Sichuan Agricultural University, China Poultry nutrition expert

Wang Biao, PhD, Central China Agricultural University, China Aquatic nutrition expert