•         Centree Bio-Tech (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. has been insisted on antibiotic-free technology solutions and development and sales of green functional animal health products and feed additives for 20 years.

              Since our establishment in 2003, we have introduced domestic and foreign industry experts and concept of antibiotic-free from EU & NA in order to provide green functional health products for China’s breeding industry.


  •         2003 China's first pack of emulsified and balanced oil powder was launched

            2008 Plasma Substitute 2018 launched

            2010 Makou base was built

            2011 The Optics Valley base was put into use

            2012 Self-developed essential oil was marketed   Yunmeng base completed

            2014 Chicken intestinal membrane protein was marketed

            2015 China's first feed-grade lecithin was born

            2016 Water-soluble essential oils were marketed

            2017 Detoxified flaxseed available

            2018 Fish meal replacer available

  •         Mission

            Green Technology

            Brings Green Life



            The leader of global green & functional animal health care


            Core Value

            Love & Thanksgiving


            Product Concept

            Green, Safe, Healthy and Efficient